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Segregação Socioespacial na Cidade de Campo Verde e sua Relação com o Relevo Segregação Socioespacial na Cidade de Campo Verde e sua Relação com o Relevo HOT

Ano de Defesa 2017


Due to the increase of the resident population in urban areas, irregular topography areas

appear as an erroneous alternative that can condition the occupation process of many

cities. However, the occupations have occurred without the concern with the

characteristics of the urban site, and the problems have not only been of a social order,

but also of an environmental order, since the anthropic actions originating from these

occupations intervene in the dynamics of the elements that make up the different

environmental units In favor of the opening of new urban spaces. The contemporary

perspective of land use as a commodity leads the population deprived of purchasing

power to occupy flood-prone locations in rainy seasons, such as near steep surfaces with

the potential for landslide events, as well as other related problems To the installation of

residences on surfaces with low stability, directly affecting the life of the inhabitants of

certain localities in the urban system, showing that access to the land still in the present

day is one of the biggest problems. The city of Campo Verde, which is the chosen area

for study, is strongly influenced by the agricultural activity, in this sense the geological,

pedological and geomorphological characteristics influence the occupation of the urban

site, generating in the space of the city a social separation by levels of Income and

environmental risks. Thus the present research had as main objective to understand the

Socio-spatial segregation and its relation with the relief. For its development were carried

out theoretical-methodological surveys on the process of territorial occupation based on

a temporal space analysis and for analysis of the urban site the work was supported in the

resources made available by the geotechnologies, a medium used to elaborate the maps

of slope, hypsometric, Geomorphological analysis of the urban site of the city of Campo

Verde in medium to large scale, with data from SEPLAN. The research competence lies

in the urban question that governs most Brazilian cities, where housing rules are governed

by the economic condition, not by the conditions of the urban site, and geomorphology

provides subsidy for the implementation of guidelines for occupation in the

environment urban.

Keywords: Green Field / MT, urban occupation, Geomorphology applied to urban


Orientador Rodrigo Marques
Ano de Defesa 2017
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