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Migrantes nordestinos e novas territorialidades urbanas em lucas do Rio Verde(MT) Migrantes nordestinos e novas territorialidades urbanas em lucas do Rio Verde(MT) HOT

Ano de Defesa 2016


At various times the Brazilian government promoted the occupation of the territory through mechanisms that met her political and economic interests. So the government has to stimulate and facilitate the (re) occupation of Mato Grosso Amazon through migration flows, having been assigned to the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA), created in 1970, responsibility for colonization. Consequently, along the BR-163 were deployed several colonization centers both official and private. In this context, Lucas spatial formation of the Green River, located in the axis of the Cuiabá-Santarém between smile and Nova Mutum, has its origin linked to the project called Special Settlement Project PEA and interlace-political interests and strategies of the military government, contextualized with national integration policies and road opening works BR - 163, which stimulated the movement of migrants to the Mato Grosso Amazon. This work calls into question the results on the subject northeastern migrants and new urban territoriality in Lucas do Rio Verde - MT, trying to understand the Northeastern migratory process in the municipality that in such a short time has become one of the economic growth poles of Mato state Grosso, as well as see how living the northeastern migrants, working conditions, housing, access to leisure and public services such as health, education and transport. With the installation of the food industry Sadia - current Brazil Foods (BRF) merger of Sadia and Perdigão group - in Luke's city of Rio Verde, many workers from the Northeast were attracted to work in this industry leaving behind even their families, in search of better living conditions. In this context, we investigated who they are and how they live these Northeastern workers who have contributed to the economic growth of the municipality. a qualitative methodology by adopting the study was guided by the literature and documentary, field research, with interviews to northeastern migrants, public agencies and institutions visits and photographic record. It was found that among the reasons that weighed more in the Northeast of migration was the desire for financial improvement, the economic opportunities not found in places of origin. The economic growth of the municipality presents unequally; not all people present with high income and high social standard, but distributed around the center living precariously. BRF's workers are subject to exploitation by the company; They work an average of ten hours a day, at an accelerated pace. The Lucas do Rio Verde managers should adopt serious political measures in favor of northeastern migrants, leaving only prioritize certain groups of society and ensure fact of rights to the vast majority. Right to work, housing, education, health, finally, the right to life.

Key-words: Lucas do Rio Verde - MT; Northeastern migrants; work, housing, leisure and public services.

Ano de Defesa 2016
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