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IMPACTOS SOCIOAMBIENTAIS E QUALIDADE AMBIENTAL URBANA: O caso do Veículo Leve Sobre Trilhos em Cuiabá - Mato Grosso IMPACTOS SOCIOAMBIENTAIS E QUALIDADE AMBIENTAL URBANA: O caso do Veículo Leve Sobre Trilhos em Cuiabá - Mato Grosso HOT

Ano de Defesa 2016


Large quantity of public and private investments become the geographic space an important strategical instance for the extended reproduction of the capital, therefore, of this form the space if discloses as condition and means for reproduction them activities and action of the society and the economy. The general objective of the treatise was to analyze the ambient quality in the context of the great interventions in the infrastructure of the city of Cuiabá caused by big project of VLT - Light Vehicle on Tracks and the specific objective to analyze the urban ambient quality in the areas directly affected (ADA) and in the surface of direct influence (AID) of the workmanships of urban mobility for the modal one, project that passes exclusively for some of the main avenues of the Accumulation Urban by Cuiabá – Várzea Grande. The two ambient variable as methodology for analysis, had been: the vegetal covering and the population density inside of the AID of the project of implantation of the VLT that is equivalent to an area of a thousand meters from the axles tracings for the tracks, the secular clipping between years 2011 - 2015 allowed the geosystem analysis of the landscape and the urban environment, searching to understand the forms of appropriation of the urban space and the nature conceived for the workmanships of the VLT in Cuiabá, capital of Mato Grosso. In this meantime, the landscape in the process of intensive urbanization with broken up, fragile and inadequate planning has not been capable to understand the functional structure, the dynamics, the connections and relations of urban ecosystems. The present work demonstrates the transformations of the landscapes throughout the tracing of axle one and two of the VLT in Cuiabá, happened of the impacts of the withdrawal of the vegetation of the seedbeds central offices for the lack of planning adjusted with orientation for constitution of an urban ecological development. Search to debate the infrastructure and observes the orientation techniques that the contracted company must have followed in the direction to execute the workmanships in minimum standards of quality for implantation of the new system of collective transport. Of this form accordant of the methodology, was elaborated a general understanding on the urban ambient quality in the ray of a thousand meters (1km) of the area direct influence of the workmanships, having analyzed the vegetal covering and the population density in elapsing of the 22,18 km of project VLT. The sixty and six quarters of the AID of the VLT had been inside studied through the main ways of traffic, of the nets of draining of the hydrographic sub-basin of Rio Cuiabá that to cross in the area of study and the population density The question of the development is a present subject countless times as object of central preoccupation Strategic in the ‘Plans Strategic of the State’, however, sensitive to the political interests, in his practices they assume freely the economical plan of the industry of the civil construction. This question lifted the promise of the present inquiry in the preoccupation be left in which conditions if they carry out the hegemonic project of city that does not consider the ecological content for the urbane development. The forms and modes of capitalist production of space have revealed an unsustainable way of urbanization, start with the confusion in mobility in the broad sense and accessibility towards the right to the city. The area of direct influence of the VLT project in Cuiaba has undergone several modifications, and the end decision over the implementation of the VLT or not, between Cuiaba and Lowland Grande to survey assumes the increase in environmental problems because in addition to the congestion that increased significantly in all areas at peak times, the vegetation removal of medians and sidewalks specifically to perform the work, meant significant interference to the local climate and influenced negatively to environmental quality.

KEY WORDS: VLT; Cuiabá; Urbane Environmental Quality; Social and Environmental Impacts.

Orientador Silvia Fernanda Cantoia
Ano de Defesa 2016
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